Our Travel ID Card Fundraiser program is designed to be very simple, with no deposits necessary, and generous profitability. The program is designed to enable sales of the KidsTravelCard, the TeenTravelCard, the AdultInfoCard, and the PetTravelCard, or custom cards created just for your event.   Offering these unique cards is an excellent idea in today’s security-conscious climate!

You can handle your product sales and commissions in one of 2 ways:

#1  Sell all the products at the online prices and receive a straight 30% commission on the total, less the cost of shipping.  With this option all payments are made directly TravelIDCards, via cash, money orders, credit cards or PayPal.  A commission check is mailed at the same time as the finished products.  You can offer your customers a no shipping purchase if all cards are sent to the organization, or have them shipped to the individual customers for our normal shipping rates.

#2  Sell all the products at whatever price you choose, and send the orders together with your check for the total.  Your check would be for 30% of our published prices for all items.  Your profits would be up front since you set the prices for your customers, and there will be no shipping cost.

If you would like a custom card created for your fundraiser there would be an additional $35 set-up fee, and we would determine a per unit cost based on the item and estimated number of sales.  You could then set your own price for the event.

If you have any questions or if you would like samples of the cards, just contact us at 800-462-2328 or

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