Pet Travel Card Products

We take the protection of your pet’s identification seriously! These are plastic cards with your pet’s photo ID and information printed on, just like a plastic credit card. These cards would be very difficult to alter, unlike cut and paste products.  Each PetTravelCard ordered comes with a strap clip for easy attachment for $24.99, plus shipping, and sales tax for California orders.  In addition, there is a large open square on the back where you can enter additional, trip specific information. When that information is outdated, simply remove it with rubbing alcohol. To order, click here.


Whether you’re planning a family vacation or just taking your pet to the vet or the groomer, the PetTravelCard is the perfect identification solution for your pet.  To order, click here.

Duplicate PetTravelCards _R7F4282
are available for only $9.95 each, but only when you order at least one regular PetTravelCard.  Duplicates do NOT come with a strap clip. To order, click here.


Remember that we now have  an “Instant” version of the PetTravelCard available with no shipping cost and no waiting.  PTC - instant
You enter the information, check it carefully, attach a picture, edit the picture, and submit your order.  You will then receive an email confirmation with a link that permits you to print the card.  You can get the card laminated at a local shop, or slip it into a plastic sleeve, and you’re ready to go!  Remember that the “Instant” PetTravelCard is not the same text quality as the regular plastic card, but it’s a great low cost option when time and value is of the essence.  To order, click here.

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