What in the heck is a PetTravelCard, and why does your pet need one?  If you’re planning a trip with your pet, you’ll want to have a Photo ID for it. The PetTravelCard  includes all the information requested by most travel modes, as well as a picture and lots of descriptive and contact information.  This is particularly important for animals with behavioral or medical information that might be needed by those caring for it.  The PetTravelCard can be attached to the carrier or crate, or the animal’s halter.  The PetTravelCard is useful for short term trips as well, such as to the vet or the groomer.  When attached to the crate or carrier, it helps insure that the animal gets returned to the appropriate crate or carrier.  If the animal gets loose on any type of trip, the PetTravelCard can be a great help in getting it back, since the photo can be used for identification.

Your pet’s safety is the most important consideration, but why should you choose the PetTravelCard over competitors on the market?  First of all, because it’s a plastic card, rather than a laminated paper card.  The PetTravelCard is attached by a secure plastic and metal strap clip.  Each PetravelCard comes with four adhesive labels for the back of the pet’s Photo ID for trip specific information, which can then can be removed.  The PetTravelCard is more customizable than any other card available, with a 250 character field on the back for whatever information might be important for your pet’s safety.  Things like health insurance information, allergies, medications, extra contacts, behavior or physical issues, etc., can all be printed on the card.

Any questions about the PetTravelCard?  Just call 800-462-2328 or email sharon@travel-idcard.com with “question” in the subject line.  To check out all our products, go to the shopping card site, www.travel-idcard.com.

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